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Now there is an easy way for you, a Successful Trader or Broker, to setup your own Hedge Fund to trade FOREX, Stocks, or Commodities where:

1. You are the Hedge Fund Manager
2. You control the Trading strategy
3. You Earn the Management and
     Incentive Fees
4. Certain Hedge Funds are not
    Regulated by the SEC or CFTC.


MyForexFund.com Hedge Fund StartUp Package:

A Turn-Key Hedge Fund StartUp Package that includes all necessary documents. For example, the Kit includes your complete Fund Offering Document, Subscription Agreement, and Operating Agreements for both of the LLC's, or LP's, that you will need to manage your Fund. With expedited filings, your Hedge Fund can be up and running and raising money in less than 2 weeks.

Your Hedge Fund StartUp Package will also include Custom Website Design, Pitch Book Development, and Marketing Support.

Please explore our site. You will be able to view some samples of the documents included in your Kit. When you are ready to Order your Kit, please proceed to our Order Page. Once we have your Order, we will have your Kit delivered to you ASAP so that you can begin your New Career as a Hedge Fund Manager.

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Tucked away in a basement in London's exclusive Mayfair district is a hedge fund manager investing entirely in raw materials, one of a small band trading commodity spreads -- and making big money in the process. [More...]

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September 3, 2011
We have Partnered with a Major Algorithmic Trading Developer and their Portfolio of FOREX Systems was up over 78% for all of 2009!.         Algorithmic Trading...

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